Sunday, December 12, 2010

1 Forza Motorsport 3

Sony’s Gran Turismo may be a the best racing simulation ever but Microsoft has come up with a racing simulation which has almost subverted the Gran Turismo regime called the Forza Motorsport 3. Forza Motorsport 3 is real racer but what really pushes this game is it accessibility, making a hardcore simulation racing title playable by most of casual fans. If offers a pretty easy career mode but filled with enormous challenge. Set the tuning as you desire or you can auto-tune your car, all depends on you and speaking of depending on you, you can start either from simple point-and-go system or from most physics-driven sim.

For a Motorsport 3 offers more than 400 vehicles and the funny thing is all of them are unlocked although you have to earn enough credits to purchase them still you don’t have to do a hectic job of unlocking vehicles. Forza 3 sort of goes antithesis to racing game conventions, normally you start off with a carped slow paced car and then work your way to upper class but that’s not the case with Forza 3.

And even if you are to drive lower class cars still they are so much fun to play with. After playing Forza 3 endlessly I still sometimes go to class D or E cars for some races. And that is largely because of the enhanced physics of this game.

0 Gran Turismo 5

It’s been six long years since the last release of Gran Turismo and now the Polyphony are back with a bang. Gran Turismo 5 has hit the markets and you will be dazzled to see just how prudently the cars have been designed. Those six years they spent really speak when you see light refracting across the headlights and glossy sculpted cars which are almost immaculate.

And it is not just from outside, get behind the wheels and you will find the very same effort that has been put on the bodywork, every single detail is there. While Forza Motorsport 3’s is renowned for it’s concerning, Gran Turismo 5 offers marvelous physics and car mechanics. That is where the real strength of GT 5 is manifested.

As you brake you could feel the screen juddering as the weight of the car sways towards the front wheels and you could see the tires skimming along the tarmac. While the game offers such realisms there are few foibles too and among them car damage is the one. Hitting head on into the will hardly damage your car. But now they have given a patch to download which will enable the damage, but hey why didn’t they put it earlier?

Another thing that really bugs you is the twisted menus, on the track the game looks splendid but as soon as you enter the menus, it spoils everything. So all in all, the game is a good real driving simulator but with few shortcomings.

Friday, November 26, 2010


NASCAR games were outstanding in the old consoles, like on PlayStation 2 and Xbox but in the new generation consoles, it has lost its value and power. The gameplay is very poor, dull visuals and graphics, laggy online play and loss of core features like Total Team Control, NASCAR 08 is not a one of the prettiest car games to have on your next generation consoles.
The gameplay and handling of the cars are very unrealistic, and it’s very hard to control the car with the analog stick, but if you compare other games like Gran Turismo, Forza MotorSport they also have the same control system to control the ride from the analog stick. But you will not find a single problem in controlling the car. The racing tracks are very dull, as there is no life in the graphic and visuals effects.
The main mode in the game is the Chase Mode, first you have to complete number of challenges and earn reputation to get contracts from the companies, and then you start racing under said contract for a team. The main goal of the game is to run your own team, which is kind-a-like interesting, but as you progress through different challenges, you will notice many of the challenges are same but with higher difficulty lever, which is very boring.

0 Need for Speed World

I rarely do reviews for motocross games and online racing game, but this game is exceptional, the game comes from the maker of Need for Speed series, like EA. The good thing about the game is its totally free to play online until you reached at the level 10, at that time you have to buy a $20 starter pack, if you want to make further progress in your game.
NFSW is an online racing game; the game can support a huge amount of multiplayer in an open world. The game is totally free-rom, you will come to see many online gamers in the game while you are wondering around in the Need for Speed world. Very cool aspect of the game is you can interact with other racers in the game, challenge then, compare you stats with them at any time you want.
Now let’s talk about the gameplay of the Need for Speed World, the gameplay is pretty much the same as in the Need For Speed Most Wanted game but there are some additions in the detail and handling of the cars, and the developers have also added some new models of the cars. The game is divided into the following modes; the first is the Exploration, where you can explore the game world, teleport from one place to another. The second is the Sprints and Circuits mode. Both the modes are race types. Circuits consist of laps and Sprints are race from point A to point B.

0 Juiced

Juiced was released at the time when there was great hype in car games, and many racing games were released at that time, like Forza Motorspot, Burnout 3: Takedown, Gran Turismo 4, Need for Speed Underground 2 and Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition. All these games were excellent, and on the other hand Juiced was like a little brother to them, which is trying to be very cool, but unable to get maximum attention from the racing fans.
Juiced tried many different things in the game, the developer of the game tried to put some street flavor in the game. The game starts in a very simple way; you have to choose your name and group and also you mobile. After this simple process you have to go for the quick race against the leader of the Urban Maulerz. If you win the race you have a direct cash of $47,000 in your pocket. All you have to do get a car form the garage and start your racing career.
The graphic of the game are good, but the main problem in the game is the physics of car, which is very annoying and difficult for the new gamers to control the car easily. The career mode is also very dull and dry, one of the biggest problem I have faced in the game is, when you put a bet against your rival the game starts auto save, and if you losses the race there is no way you can take your cash back, sometimes pinkslips also. The only solution of this problem is you have to put the autosave turn off.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

0 Burnout Revenge

If you enjoyed the 50 car pileups in the precursor, brace yourselves. Criterion has torn this mode apart and completely reinvented it. Rather than launching your car at a score multiplayer icon, your crashing skills are reflected in the majority of your score. You will get a subtle point boost by taking out the bonus target car, but again playing off of the skills, you will have to figure out how to include it in your routine. Your reflexes will also be put to the test in this car game, in a frantic button mashing sequences that increases the destructive quality of your Crashbreaker.
Once again, all of the tracks in the game are based on three locations (this time being Detroit, Rome and Tokyo), and the perfect fit for the event at hand. The courses are grittier in design and are far less forgiving. Whenever, you look, it seems like there’s a small concrete wall. You really have to focus on staying away from the barriers in this installment. The opponent AI is also bit surprising, they know how to rip your car to shreds, thus bringing about the “Revenge” aspect of the title. If a rival takes you out, the game highlights them, allowing you glorious payback.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

0 Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Good thing RockStar’s Midnight Club has been evolving leaps and bounds since it launched on the PS2, then, as Los Angeles marks the kind of significant steps forward Need For Speed could really benefited from. One of the most important, yet perhaps least obvious is LA’s 24 hour day and night cycle. Sure, the game is called Midnight Club and you can play at that time if you want, but you can also play entirely as the hours unfold around you. Speed up, of course. Where the past few Need For Speed games arbitrarily dictated time, underground 2 being night: Most wanted day, and Carbon, night again, Los Angeles is far less restricted.

Something that further supports that is the lack of menus. You can play the whole thing from start to finish without ever using one, and the way that works is rather intuitive. When you see someone you want to race, approach them and flash your headlights twice you will then get the chance to race them through the busy LA streets to the start line, before beginning the race properly. You are absolutely free to skip this if you want to and just cut to the main race. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking there aren’t any menus. There are, but they are entirely minimal.